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Accepted papers


Paper Session D1 #Image processing, Computer vision and virtual environments

Chair: Frode Eika Sandnes

Room A – 1 December | 10h30m – 12h00m

Virtual tagging detection for context awareness using computer vision
Hugo Fernandes, Hugo Paredes, Vitor Filipe, João Barroso

Human–computer interaction based on facial expression recognition: a case study in degenerative neuromuscular disease
Andreia Matos, Vítor Filipe, Pedro Couto

Assisted guidance for the blind using the kinect device
Vítor Filipe, Nuno Faria, Hugo Paredes, Hugo Fernandes, João Barroso

The Impact of Body Position on the Usability of Multisensory Virtual Environments
Miguel Melo, Tânia Rocha, Luís Barbosa, Maximino Bessa

Paper Session D2 #Multimodal interfaces and IoT

Chair: Franz Pühretmair

Room A – 1 December | 14h30m – 16h00m

FLipMouse – a Flexible Alternative Input Solution for People with Severe Motor Restrictions
Benjamin Aigner, Veronika David, Martin Deinhofer, Christoph Veigl

Exploring Russian Tap-Code Text Entry Adaptions for Users with Reduced Target Hitting Accuracy
Frode Eika Sandnes, Fausto Orsi Medola

Co-creation of Smart Technology with (and for) People with Special Needs
Juan Carlos Augusto, D. Kramer, U. Alegre, A. Covaci, A. Santokhee

Architecture of an IoT health System for the support of users with chronic diseases
Carlos Velasco, Yehya Mohamad, Philip Ackermann

Paper Session D3 #Design for all

Chair: Mireia Ribera

Room B – 1 December | 14h30m – 16h00m

Search Engines: new widgets, new accessibility challenges
Faezeh Seyedarabi, Rocio Calvo

Services & Products Gamified Design (SPGD): A Methodology for Game Thinking Design
Alberto Signoretti, Ana Isabel Martins, Mário Rodrigues, André Maurício Cunha Campos, António Teixeira

Product Ideation by Persons with Disabilities: An Analysis of Lead User Characteristics
Peter Conradie, Aron-Levi Herregodts, Lieven De Marez, Jelle Saldien

Beyond Web Content Accessibility Guidelines. Expert Accessibility Reviews
Rocio Calvo, Faezeh Seyedarabi, Andreas Savva

Paper Session D4 #Enhanced solutions for inclusive learning and students dropout prevention in higher education

Chair: Emmanuelle Gutiérrez

Room A – 1 December | 18h00m – 20h00m

Affective Computing to Enhance Emotional Sustainability of Students in Dropout Prevention
Manuella Kadar, Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo, Fernando Ferreira, Jorge Calado, Andreia Artifice, Joao Sarraipa, Ricardo Jardim-Goncalves

The importance of cooperation centres for HE students dropout prevention
Elsa Marcelino-Jesus, Joao Sarraipa, Gloria Andrea Cavanzo, Juan Carlos Guevara, Igor Almanza Lurita, Maria Isabel Ginocchio

Didactics and teaching with accessibility and affectivity in higher education
Olga Lucía León Corredor, Dora Inés Calderón, Álvaro García-Martínez, Marcia Reis

Towards a software-enabled environment promoting accessible learning in higher education
Celson Lima, Cassio Pinheiro, João Sarraipa

Technological Innovations tackling Students dropout
Joao Sarraipa, Fernando Ferreira, Elsa Marcelino-Jesus, Andreia Artifice, Celson Lima, Manuela Kaddar

Nonintrusive Accessibility in Inclusive Higher Education
Emmanuelle Gutiérrez y Restrepo, Francisco García García

Paper Session D5 #Enhancing inclusive societies through digital media: an overview of strategies and solutions to promote universal participation

Chair: Ana Margarida Almeida

Room B – 1 December | 18h00m – 20h00m

Digital media as a driver of a more inclusive higher education: towards a proposal of an action plan
Ana Margarida Almeida, Rita Santos, João Batista, Dora Pereira, Célia Sousa

Raising inclusion through an online community
Susana Capitão, Ana Margarida Almeida, Rui Marques Vieira

Isabel Cristina dos Santos Diniz, Ana Margarida Almeida, Cassia Cordeiro Furtado

Inclusive approaches for audiovisual translation production in Interactive Television (iTV)
Rita Oliveira, Jorge Ferraz de Abreu, Margarida Almeida, Bernardo Cardoso

The use of mobile devices to support daily routines of teens with Down syndrome: a case study
Sofia Reis, Ana Margarida Almeida

Learning Environment for Autism Spectrum Disorders: a universal approach to the promotion of mathematical reasoning
Maria Isabel Santos, Ana Breda, Ana Margarida Almeida

An inclusive and multistakeholder approach to promote linguistic skills in children with special needs: the role of an online sharing platform
Teresa Sousa, Oksana Tymoshchuk, Ana Margarida Almeida, Paula Santos

Paper Session D6 #Accessible Communications

Chair: Franz Pühretmair

Room A – 2 December | 08h30m – 10h00m

Self-Determined Easy Access to Different Literacy Levels
Peter Heumade, Reinhard Koutny, Franz Pühretmair, Kerstin Matausch-Mahr, Klaus Miesenberger

Visualizations as Part of Accessible Conferences
Karina Lattner

Don´t write it, picture it! Accessible Information by graphic signs
Imke Niediek

Easy-to-Read enables Participatory Social Research
Gabriele Trautendorfer, Birgit Peböck, Franz Pühretmair, Myriam Karlinger

Paper Session D7 #LUDI – Play for Children with Disabilities (COST Action TD1309)

Chair: Pedro Encarnação

Room A – 2 December | 10h30m – 12h00m

Moving Beyond Boundaries: When User-Centered Design meets Sociology
Angharad Beckett, Eva Brooks, Raymond Holt

Mainstream robotic toys and children with physical impairment: what about playfulness?
Serenella Besio, Andrea Bonarini, Helen Lynch, Paola Molina, Fabio Veronese, Daniela Bulgarelli

Gaming Archaeology: Playful Learning for Children With Different Abilities
Patrizia Marti, Iolanda Iacono, Michele Tittarelli

Playful interaction with Teo, a Mobile Robot for Children with Neurodevelopmental Disorders
Andrea Bonarini, Francesco Clasadonte, Franca Garzotto, Mirko Gelsomini, Maximiliano Romero

Off-the-shelf, robotic toys and physically impaired children: an analysis and suggested improvements
Fabio Veronese, Daniela Bulgarelli, Serenella Besio, Nicole Bianquin, Andrea Bonarini

Paper Session D8 #Emergent Technologies for Ambient Assisted Living (ETAAL)

Chair: Tânia Rocha

Room B – 2 December | 10h30m – 12h00m

Elderly mobility analysis during Timed Up and Go test using biosignals
Sandra Reis, Virginie Felizardo, Nuno Pombo, Nuno Garcia

An Integrated Approach to Fall Detection and Fall Risk Estimation Based on RGB-Depth and Inertial Sensors
Enea Cippitelli, Samuele Gasparrini, Ennio Gambi, Susanna Spinsante

Towards a Smarter organization for a Self-servicing Society
V. De Florio, M. Bakhouya, D. Eloudghiri, C. Blondia

Usability evaluation of ambient assisted living systems using a multi-method approach
Ana Isabel Martins, Alexandra Queirós, Anabela G. Silva, Nelson Pacheco Rocha

“Professor Piano”: a music application for people with intellectual disabilities
Dennis Paulino, Duarte Amaral, Mariana Amaral, Arsénio Reis, João Barroso, Tânia Rocha

Paper Session D9 #Digital Exclusion in the Information and Knowledge Society & Learning Technologies in Special Education and Inclusion

Chairs: Sofia Balula Dias & Tassos A. Mikropoulos

Room A – 2 December | 14h30m – 16h30m

The use of DigComp in teaching and learning strategies – a roadmap towards inclusion
Ana Balula

Network Support for Students with Special Educational Needs in the Universidade de Lisboa: ‘Rede NEE-ULisboa’
Cristina Espadinha

EmbodiMentor: a science fiction prototype to embody different perspectives using augmented reality
Leonel Morgado, Christian Gütl, Aletha Stahlal

FISCMAP: A fuzzy logic-based quality of concept mapping modelling approach fostering reflective feedback
Sofia B. Dias, Foteini S. Dolianiti, Sofia J. Hadjileontiadou, José A. Diniz:, Leontios J. Hadjileontiadis

A Digital Storytelling Approach for Fostering Empathy Towards Autistic Children. Lessons learned
Tharrenos Bratitsis

Use of the Curiosity Cabinet metaphor to support inclusive learning
Patricia Charlton, Anne Preston, Charalampos Karagiannidis, Christos Kouroupetroglou, Muriel Grenon, Siegfried Handschuh, Adamantios Koumpis

Paper Session D10 #Design with Older Adults: enhancing connectivity

Chairs: Renata Fortes & Paula Costa Castro

Room B – 2 December | 14h30m – 16h30m

Elderly’s Comprehension on Facebook: a Communicability Evaluation (presentationgo to new site)
Carolina Sacramento, Simone Bacellar Leal Ferreira

Co-designing a diversity of social media products with and for older people
David M. Frohlich, Christopher Lim, Amr Ahmed

Personalizing health-related ICT interface and application: older adults and elderly caregivers preferences
Mariane M. T. dos Santos, Humberto Lidio Antonelli, Sandra Souza Rodrigues, Caroline L. de O. Silva, Renata P. M. Fortes, Marcos Hortes Chagas, Paula Costa Castro

An analysis of application usage notes and reminders by older persons – ElderNote Case study
Josias E. de A. Melo, Sandra Souza Rodrigues, Guilherme A. Martins, Humberto Lidio Antonelli, Renata P. M. Fortes, Marcos Hortes Chagas, Paula Costa Castro

Blind Guide: anytime, anywhere
Daniel Vera Yánez, Diego Marcillo, Hugo Fernandes, João Barroso, António Pereira

Enhancing older adults connectivity by introducing mobile devices communication tools
Maria G. Pimentel, Bruna C. R. da Cunha, Humberto L. Antonelli, Sandra S. Rodrigues, Olibário J. Machado Neto, Andre C. Rocha, Eric Melo, Allan R. Costa, Omar M. Uscamayta, Kamila R. H. Rodrigues, Isabela Zaine

Paper Session D11 #Accessibility guidelines, best practice, evaluation techniques and tools

Chair: Paulo Martins

Room C – 3 December | 08h30m – 10h30m

The Paradigm of the Cloud and Web Accessibility and its Consequences in Europe
Pedro R. Palos, Marisol B. Correia

A Content Analysis of Online Communities for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Ines Kozuh, Anja Poznic, Matjaz Debevc

ICF based Usability Scale – evaluating usability according to the evaluators’ perspective about the users’ performance
Ana Isabel Martins, Alexandra Queirós, Anabela G. Silva, Nelson Pacheco Rocha

Automatic identification in accessible iTV services: proposal of an IPTV interface
Rita Oliveira, Telmo Silva, Jorge Ferraz de Abreu, Margarida Almeida

Paper Session D12 #Smart Destinations technological applications for enhancing accessibility and fighting info-exclusion

Chairs: João Rodrigues & Célia Ramos

Room C – 3 December | 11h30m – 13h00m

A Cultural Heritage and Points of Interest Multi-Criteria Router Supported on Visitors Preferences
João Pereira, Sergey Nogin, Pedro J. S. Cardoso, João M.F. Rodrigues

Using Multi-Stage Features in Fast R-CNN for Pedestrian Detection
M. Farrajota, J.M.F. Rodrigues, J.M.H. du Buf

Improving Accessibility through Semantic Crowdsourcing
A.Mazayev, J. A. Martins, N. Correia

An Initial Framework for a Museum Application for Senior Citizens
João M.F. Rodrigues, Joana Lessa, Miguel Gregório, Célia Ramos, Pedro J.S. Cardoso


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